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We are experiencing some issues with a new project we are placing into Omeka Classic. I am the photographer on a grant project to digitize a historical garment collection for a small mid-west University. They had been using Omeka to host some of their prior digital collections, however this new collection has added some challenges to the look and function.

  1. Each asset has some text input (which displays fine) but the main draw is a file that shows a 360° view of the garment. This code (spit out from Iconasys) is saved in one folder with an index file as HTML5/Java scripting to spin the item and work the controls (spin/stop, move L, move R, zoom in/out, and full screen). The problem is the box that is displaying this information is not formatted correctly. My output is never larger than 400px X 600px (with one side always a little smaller). So the box needs size constraints (above) and needs to center the input, and not stretch it. Most of the controls work but they are appearing outside the image (which may be fixed once the size is fixed). Omeka is not letting the “full screen” button take (which works fine in any browser). Lastly, we would like to move this box to the top of page.

  2. We would like to change some basic things to make the page look more graphically artistic. From my limited knowledge I assume this is a template issue? The general output is more text driven, where this project is a bit more graphic. Maybe changing some background colors, adding a graphic logo for the historical garment collection to each page. Are these customizations possible to apply to a template?

Being the photographer, I am once removed from the workings of Omeka, and I am am limited on my web building and coding background. I do not mind trying myself, if I can find the folder that holds the source code for the template. Our library director and our archivist are great at working on the front end of the package, but are not web designers nor coders. Our IT department is very understaffed, and is not being able to lend help in a timely manor. So any help that any of you can give, would be appreciated, even if it is ideas on where to begin. Or, if you are a guru in Omeka, there is some money to be had to help us out, if what we are asking is not too difficult.

Here are our details (as best as I can tell):
It says we are using “Thanks Roy” - v. 2.6.1
I can see we have the plug-ins: ExhibitBuilder 3.4.1, SimplePages 3.1.1, and UniversalViewer 2.5.1
It says our theme is: default 2.5 (current)
Please contact me with any other questions or to see older on line content (or screen shots of current, as they are not yet publishing until we figure out the issues).

Screenshots would be nice, I’m not totally sure about what’s being described just from the text.

My gut feeling is that this is going to be a little tough to diagnose without actually seeing the markup, the styles, etc. on an actual page, though.

As for theme changes, some of that can be done with just settings for the Omeka theme (set under “Appearance”), like setting a logo, some color changes, so no technical expertise necessary. More significant customizations would start looking like editing the actual templates.

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