3.0.1 thumbnail display issue

I have started testing Omeka Classic v.3.0.1 both as a new install and upgrading existing sites. One issue that I have run across is with the lightbox displays from thumbnail images. On the new site/new install, clicking on the thumbnail does NOTHING. I expect an image to appear in a fullscreen lightbox, with the ability to rotate through multiple image files (if any). The lightbox does appear on my upgraded test site; setup and configuration are identical for both sites.

I deactivated plugins just in case there was some hidden conflict there, but that had no effect. I haven’t been able to find any substantive documentation on v.3 or the new versions of the three core plugins, so am now rethinking upgrading from 2.8. Any information or documentation would be helpful. Thanks!

What kind of lightbox functionality are you talking about here? Something provided by a specific theme, I assume, or possibly a plugin? If it’s a theme, if you could mention which theme you’re using, that would be helpful.

There isn’t much (or anything?) in the way of lightboxes in the base install itself or its included themes.

In general there’s very little change with version 3 from 2.8 from a public theme perspective. It’s possible you’re hitting some problem we haven’t seen along those lines, but it may be something else unrelated to version 3.

Oh, thank you for the prompt response with that information!

We use a custom theme, so now I have a better idea of where to start troubleshooting. Since I don’t have any sites using standard themes, I sometimes forget which functionalities are ‘baked in’.

In general, the first place to look when just “nothing happens” on a click where something should, is the browser’s javascript console.

I’m seeing different behaviors in different sites using the same browser, which is why I was looking at Omeka. My current suspect is possible variations of items/show.php. Thanks for that reminder, though!