0 Results everywhere on Site

Hi! Apologies if this has already been covered, I’ve searched inside and outside the Forum but can’t turn up and answer.

We have a Site, that is public, and have Resources attached to the Site: in the pool (e.g., “There are currently 2 items in this site’s pool.”) and a number of Item Sets that themselves have Items attached to them.

However, everywhere on the Site, whether the ‘Browse’ page or specific Browse Items and Browse Item Sets navigation added, we get “0 Results”. The Visibility of Items and Item Sets throughout is ‘Public’.

I’m not sure what we’re doing wrong?


Any thoughts on craigdietrich’s issue? All our item sets are set to open and public, but in Browse navigation we get 0 results. Is there something else we need to turn on?

In general, the number reported in the “Resources” tab on the admin side should be the same as the maximum number of results you’ll get from the browse pages. When you click the number on the admin side that tells you how many resources are in the pool, it should take you to an admin-side browse page of those items. Are the correct items listed there?

Ah, one more question: do you have the “restrict browse to attached items” site setting enabled for this site? That’s a restriction above and beyond the “pool” which means browse will only show you items that are actually used on a site page.

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The admin-side browse page of the items shows 459 items, which is correct. We do not have “restrict browse to attached items” enabled.

We currently have 3 item sets created but on the public site only one of those item sets/collections (Videos) is displaying. The settings for each of these item sets are the same so we’re not sure why everything isn’t displaying. Also, not sure how the Videos item set is now visible because it wasn’t initially.

If you don’t have that setting enabled, then the only thing that should matter is what’s on the “Resources” section of the site admin. Can you post a screenshot of the Resources page?

Here is the list of items in the Resources section.

Sorry, I should have been more clear, I forgot we have the sub-heading “Resources” always available on the left-hand menu. I meant the Resources page accessible once you go to edit a specific Site. This is the area where you configure the “pool” of items visible on the site.

So you’d go to Sites in the left-hand nav, click the edit icon for the “Oxy United for Black Liberation” site, then click the “Resources” link in the left nav (it will be right under Navigation).

Sorry, being pretty new to this, I don’t know where everything is, yet. After taking this screenshot, I tried adding more item sets and they are now finally showing up on the public site. Looks like this was the thing we didn’t do. Is there anything else we should check?

No, that should pretty much be it.

The “There are currently X items in this site’s pool” should always give you an accurate count of the items that will appear when browsing in the site. If you click the number, you’ll get an admin-side browse page showing you which items those are, specifically.

You can of course just remove all the filters from the pool entirely if you just want it to include all your items.

Got it. Thank you so much for help and attention to this!