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Neatline 0.1.0 for Omeka S (1)
Translations: joining a team (5)
Google Analytics Module for Omeka S (3)
Google Analytics Module (1)
Hey there! We are cartographers and want to share our vector map clipart, enjoy! (3)
New accessible, user-friendly, and responsive theme (5)
New module: Alt Text: Specify custom alt text for media (3)
New module: Custom Ontology (create specific classes and properties) (8)
New module : RDF Datatype (html, xml, boolean, integer, date/time...) (1)
Docker build for Omeka S (6)
Bad plugins, Please remove! (3)
New module: Reference, to get the glossary of your properties (4)
AvantRelationships plugin for Omeka Classic (2)
Web API for add-ons ? (or auto-generated list of add-ons as JSON) (5)